Industrial floor – Acigres


Our solution for industrial use

A Acigres combines the optimum mechanical characteristics of the klinker with the properties of an antacid tile. This gives the product excellent results in hardness, resistance to thermal shock and abrasion, making it suitable for both pedestrian and road traffic areas, as well as providing low absorption and high resistance to the acids and alkalis frequently present in work areas and in the products used for cleaning them. These features, combined with zero maintenance, make it the ideal paving for any industrial application.

The regular applications of Acigres include the agri-food industry (dairy, bottling, meat, wineries, canneries, etc.), light and heavy chemical industry, petrol stations, repair shops and laboratories. And in all situations that demand high-performance materials.

Acigres is available in different thicknesses and is supplemented by a range of special pieces, which provide solutions for recesses without corners to allow cleaning and meet the demanding hygiene and health specifications of the agri-food industry.